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Joel smiled shyly and turned his gaze back at Tristan. He had been almost 100% sure Tristan would be into this and get excited. Joel was truly happy that Tristan had waited this long without complaining or anything. The scout was so happy Tristan understood him.

"I’m ready. I think." He chuckled and presses his body a bit closer. "I love ya and.. We live togetha. And I want to celebrate it. And I have been thinking ‘bout this for awhile now so.." He smiled.

"I can’t think of any better moment…" Joel whispered softly and wrapped both hand tightly around Tristan’s neck and looked him into eyes.

Tristan nodded, pressing him closer and grinning against his neck and placing couple of kisses on his bare skin around his neck and earlobe even. His hands were excite as well, travelling around Joel’s body.
"Well that’s good then" He whispered against Joel’s ear. "Because I am more than ready and I am more than happy to hear that you have given a thought to this and are ready to do this…"

He laughed softly and looked into Joel’s eyes, rubbing his cheek with his thumb and slowly raising his lips into kiss with his, closing his eyes and kissing him lovingly. “I will make this pleasing as possible to you, I promise you won’t regret this” He whispered against Joel’s lips and smiled, kissing him again.


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image oh rly

rly now}

image ))


here have TrisMod
she is drawing and blogging
yes she is spending nearly two weeks here }


here have TrisMod

she is drawing and blogging

yes she is spending nearly two weeks here }

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Joel giggled as he kept kissing Tristan, jeez, how much you can love someone? Much, apparently.

The boy stroked Tristan’s cheeks as he looked him into eyes. “Aww Tris.. Ya make me cry soon..” He smiled with tears alreasy in his eyes, he was just so happy.. The boy moved to sit on Tristan’s lap and grinned as the sniper looked surprised, how cute.

"Hmm.. Maybe I do.." He then winked, blushing a bit.

Then started the suttering. “Ya.. Y’know we have been togetha.. A long time and.. Not had sex yet..” He was blushing hardly as he looked away. “I kinda.. Kinda have wanted to.. Wait to a.. Special moment fo’ it..” He continued as he turned his head back and looked Tristan into eyes. “A-and.. I think this.. Would be tha perfect moment.. Don’t ya think?” The blonde smiled shyly.

Tristan stared at him, stroking his lower back and holding him on his lap. He raised his brows a little when Joel started to blush and stutter. Tristan smiled and looked at him, raising the edge of his shirt a little.
"Yes?" He nodded when Joel started to talk about the fact that they had been a long time together and not had sex. Tristan nodded, and totally understood why Joel had waited and he gently pressed the blonde closer, not looking away from his eyes though he turned his head shyly.

Smile appeared even wider on Tristan’s face when Joel confessed that this was probably good enough moment. Tristan laughed and nodded.
"indeed, indeed this could be indeed a great moment to… to do that. If you think so, if you are ready" He was already excited himself and he placed a gentel kiss on Joel’s jawline. "This would be an excellent moment" Tris nodded

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Tristan nodded “mine too.. but one day we can adopt a beautiful little girl” He murmured and stared at Emma. “Though I’m sure I will get fond of her so badly that I don’t want anyone to take her away from us” Tristan murmured and kissed girls hair. “She is” Tristan chuckled and looked at Joel “You want to hold her?” 

Joel wiped away his tears. “When we adopt a girl.. Can we name her Emma?” The blonde asked and looked at Tristan. “I think even if they let us, we couldn’t keep her.. It’s not save here and I know ya dun wanna leave..” The boy sighed and nodded, smiling. “Sure.. Gosh I’m nervous I haven’t hold a baby before..” He said nervously and soon, carefully, took the little baby on his arms and smiled at her. “Oh my god..” Joel chuckled. “Hello princess..” The scout smiled happier than ever before. Even his wrists, which were full of cuts, felt so much better, when he was holding a little girl on them.

Tristan looked at them both, helped Joel to wrap his arms supportively around the baby and smiled happily at the two of them. “Of course if you feel that way when we someday finally get to adopt a baby” He whispered softly and stroked Joel’s hair, smiling so happily. He was used to take care of his siblings and he did love children and nothing would’ve been as perfect than making a family of his own with Joel. But Joel was right, it wasn’t time for that yet, not here. 
"You are doing good job with it" Tristan chuckled and felt so warm and good when he saw Joel smiling so brightly and being so happy. "But one day we’ll leave, have a home and a family, somewhere safe and peaceful. It’ll be perfect" He promised, chuckling softly at the sight, looking down at the baby girl.

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((As long as you’re all right, that’s the main thing. I’m sure things will pick up again for you soon, and thank you, they are.))
Yeah I hope they will! and I’m glad to hear that n wn ]
((It’s really good to see you back. I hope things are going all right for you.))
D’aww, thank you ´v` and to be honest, things could be better but I’m alright. I hope everything is fine there as well]

Hello everyone~! I’m alive and here.
Idk if getting some inspiration back but I’m definitely struggling with feels so gonna hang around here for a while now. Let’s see for how long (: let’s try this out fellas.
Lost some followers while inactive so, hopefully going to meet some new guys perhaps? and I hope there’s still people out there wanting to rp with me. Anyhoo, how’s everyone doing? ]

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